This Week's Irish Coffee

This week's Irish Coffee is made with Bailie's Roastery coffee.

They spent all of Thursday afternoon tasting and testing Irish Coffees, tasting eight single estate handroasted coffees matched with Kilbeggan whiskey, for which we commend their dedication!

They finally narrowed it down to Finca Malacara, Honey Bourbon from El Salvador.

This is what they have to say about it:

The Bourbon varietal is usually characterised by sweet acidity and complex flavours, and this particular Malacara bean is honey processed – which means the beans are first pulped from the cherries, then allowed to dry with the mucilage still attached, which results in an even sweeter cup, and a honey colouring on the unroasted beans. This coffee is very elegant and balanced, with a luxurious syrupy mouthfeel and sweet, big buttery body. Some cedar and wood spice aromas can be detected on the nose, and deeper stone fruit notes develop in the cup. The coffee has a sweet, smooth, toffee finish.

Sounds like a perfect match for the chosen whiskey, Kilbeggan, described in the words of the distillery:

Tropical and citrus fruits together with, vanilla and toasty wood aromas are your first experience of Kilbeggan Irish whiskey. In the mouth it has a soft, silky smooth texture, a delicious sweetness with, toffee, fruit and peppery spice flavours all of which are followed by a creamy vanilla and toasty wood finish.

Judge for yourself. It is our featured Irish Coffee all weekend at L. Mulligan. Grocer.

If you would like to be on the panel of judges (it will be a rather large panel, perhaps more akin to a mob) for the Blind Tasting on Tuesday 15th March, just leave a comment below, or email irishcoffee (at) lmulligangrocer (dot) com

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