Whiskey and Dessert-Event now booked out

We match each of the dishes on our menu with a recommended whisk(e)y. Sometimes when working on the matches, the pairings really work, they sing in syncopated duet like the corny teenagers on the 'match.com' ad... other times, the whiskey overwhelms the food, the delicate notes being drowned out by its boozy partner (or vice versa).

My fledgling love affair with whisk(e)y has resulted in a notebook crammed with clumsily-phrased tasting notes, most scotch taped in, having been hastily scrawled on the back of a beer mat, old envelope, even a flight ticket stub. The book is filled with various adjectives for sweet: cloying, candied, honeyed, caramel, muscavado, syrupy, saccharine (and the odd reference to Jordan Almonds). It is natural then, that many of these whiskeys would be excellent matched with dessert. In fact, we have a section on our dessert menu for whiskeys served as dessert, their big sherry, dried fruit and porty flavours the perfect end to a meal.

Next Tuesday we are partnering with Tullamore Dew to present a dessert and whiskey tasting. It is a formal tasting, where each of the whiskeys will be matched with a dessert. It will kick off at 8p.m. and there is no charge for attending, but places are limited so we ask that you email us to reserve a place (Event now fully booked!) if you change your mind and can't attend anymore!

Posted by Seáneen.

Whiskey and Dessert Tasting.
8 p.m. Tuesday 18th October.
L. Mulligan. Grocer.
18 Stoneybatter, Dublin 7.
Free of Charge, please book via email: hello@lmulligangrocer.com Event now fully booked.

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