The Gincident

The scene. It is a damp October evening. The rain relentlessly pelts against the dank Dublin streets and the hereunto humble Dublin paving stone turns sinister, splashing mucky puddle water that spoils our heroine’s best nylons. Up ahead Beer Street gleams with ale houses, its well fed citizens merrily going about their business, beakers of porter in hand. Our heroine glances furtively around and instead slips stealthily down a side street to Gin Lane, lured by promise of the heady juniper elixir. /Cut

A Very Hogarthy Tutored Gin Tasting & Botanical Nosing
Thursday 16th October
L. Mulligan. Grocer.
6.30pm €17.50

For one gin-soaked night only, join us as we embrace the spirit of Hogarth and skip down Gin Lane to explore the myth, alchemy and aroma of some of the more unusual botanicals used to flavour gin.  We will taste five spirits distilled with all manner of ingredients from exotic far flung places made on (mostly) elegantly named copper stills: Prudence, Constance, Patience, Christina, Ugly Betty. Tickets available from L. Mulligan. Grocer or via GinPlease@lmulligangrocer.com

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