Brown Paper Bag Project Dinner

Some time ago, we had a perky barman from Atlanta called Brian. While pulling pints and changing kegs, he dreamed of fermentation times, malt varieties and the intricacies of hop flavour profiles. Brian is now the full time brewer at the Brown Paper Bag Project, a locationless brewery that travels the globe making tasty beer influenced by local styles and the people they meet. As an ex-chef he is also keen to explore food and beer pairing in a way that not only complements the beer but allows us to traverse the flavour profile.

We are delighted to be hosting a beer pairing dinner in conjunction with the Brown Paper Bag Project. We are building the menu around five Brown Paper Bag Project creations (including one brand new beer!). We are using a beer as the starting point to create each of the five courses. The brewers and chefs are working closely together to explore the nuances of the beers through the produce they are paired with. Irish game, cheese fondue, smoked root vegetables and bitter dark chocolate all have their dance card marked for this St Patrick’s Day eve celebration.  

To book please email hopsandmalt@lmulligangrocer.com
Date: Monday 16th March 
Time: 7.30pm
Price: €55 euro per person, to include all pairings

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