Dinner is Coming

Guest post by King of the Clipboard, Adam Kilbane. 

'We have many vices here at L Mulligan Grocer- most involve obsessing over food, beer & whiskey but some are more niched. 

About a month ago sitting having our usual weekly chin wag, the question arose, “what kind of Halloween event will we do?”. While we are still going to dress up on the 31st, pumpkin-bomb the pub, the usual malarkey, we decided to go a little further to pay homage to the what I consider the greatest TV show of all time. 

As a major fan I was taken in by the world George RR Martin created (heart-breaking as it was). A recurring theme of food and drink culture consistently arose, each time a wedding, birthday or the visit of great house was mentioned great lengths went into the description of the settings and what was on offer. This intrigued me, so being the nerd I am and knowing the kind of following the series has, suddenly I was organising a medieval banquet!

In a secret location in Stoneybatter, Dublin 7 we are holding a medieval banquet dinner in honour of everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure, Game Of Thrones.   

Hoping to keep the heart of what we do at Mulligans by pairing great food and drink together we will feast, beers slushing, belly laughing, eagerly grabbing at the middle of the table to get at the hard breads, cheeses, stews, pastries to fill plates, washed down with wines & ales all the while the chatter builds as the food is restocked. It is the social aspect and idea of people passing and sharing around food that is most appealing to me. A room decorated in candles, house banners, antlers and furs will provide the backdrop for our Westerosi Halloween dinner. 

As it is Halloween I am hoping people dress up or wear house colours for the night that is in it. Fans of Game of Thrones, Halloween, General merriment- get in.  Dinner is coming. 

Valar Morghulis.'  

Date: 30th October
Time : 7pm
Location: A secret banquet hall in Dublin 7

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