March of the Beers.

There is a buzz of activity in L. Mulligan. Grocer this last week, with scarcely a day going by that the latest fandangled cask engine, recovered bar stools or new ceiling colour doesn't come through the door. 

Amongst the most exciting of all the hubbub was the 'Arrival of the Brewers'- an event reminiscent of the March of the Penguins, though sadly lacking the smooth Morgan Freeman commentary or the diet of raw crustaceans. So far we have had the lovely Martin from Carlow, Stephen from Trouble, Ronan from Galway Hooker (who took great delight in usurping a Guinness tap with the beautiful Hooker font) with Owen from Hilden and one or two others still to descend on Stoneybatter to complete the suite of Irish beers brewed with flavour and passion that will be available in L. Mulligan. Grocer. The bottles are on their way also, with Team Mulligans committed to tirelessly sampling the candidates for the beer list, a grueling job and one we are all proving quite proficient at, with Seáneen preferring the Copper Coast from Dungarvan, Colin favouring the Oyster Stout from the Porterhouse and Michael gallantly acquainting himself with the entire tasty range from Whitewater.

The tap banks and fridges are a quickly becoming thing of beauty to behold with the best of the beers produced on this island nestling in alongside each other at the front bar at Mulligans, getting nice and cosy (and probably swapping dirty jokes about whose hops are bigger) in advance of the opening.   

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