Taste of Dublin

There is something about Taste of Dublin which turns the excruciating pain of four days with feet shoved into Birkenstocks subsisting exclusively on Ely burgers into a lovely experience.

Team Mulligans at Taste of Dublin
Mulligans shared a lurid wallpapered stall with edrinks this year, and the amazing energy and buzz of the festival renewed our enthusiasm about what we are trying to do with the pub. Doling out picnic blankets, and with half a dozen bar stools to seat thirsty festival-goers, our location near the music tent on the field was perfect for the glorious weather of the weekend. It was lovely to get positive feedback from potential customers, suppliers, and even from a serenading lounge singer spruiking her wares.

Mick and Colin working earnestly at the Mulligan's stall. 
In between pumping out hundreds of pints of Headless Dog on cask and countless passionfruit mojitos, Team Mulligans ran a competition to name a prototype house Foreign Extra Stout and for a brief spell on Sunday turned our stall into a waterproof speakeasy, sheltering stranded festival goers from the deluge. There is always a lot of criticism of the cost of Taste of Dublin, and for exhibitors it is not a cheap event either, but it is one that for Mulligans is a highlight of the culinary calendar.

Stay tuned for the results of the Name our Beer competition. 

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