Heralding the arrival of the Combi Oven and Unctuous Pork Belly.

Our lovely chef is now bereft of conversation topics. For weeks each time we spoke, he started, continued and ended by extolling the virtues of the Combi Oven, the necessity of the Combi Oven, the beauty of the Combi Oven. The Combi Oven was like a long awaited baby, with the gestation being punctuated by an anxious Frenchman fretting over its every development and hiccup.

We enquired often as to what the Combi Oven did and were met with tales of the feats the Combi Oven could perform, its might, its impeccable sense of style, its wit. Prearrival, the Combi Oven was the stuff of folklore and legend in L. Mulligan. Grocer., though now that it has arrived we understand the fuss. It has taken what was already achingly tender pork belly and turned it unctuous, oozingly decadent, layers melting into one another with the crackling blistered and perfect. To say nothing of its effect on our Thyme Roasted Chook, or Aubergines stuffed to the gills with Red Pepper Compote and Mozzarella.

If only its Herculean feats extended to refurbishing the beer garden.