The business of being open six months

For thirty seconds or so, at 12.03am on first day of January this year we stood in the alley out the back of the pub, the alley that has seen the combi arrive, the bain marie, the microwave and countless other 'vintage' kitchen equipment leave, through which 60 railway sleepers traversed, on their way to be made into tables by Michael and Colin, out of which left the dart board, four TVs, a defunct cigarette machine and great many other things besides, and the three of us celebrated surviving being open six months (with an O’Hara’s IPA). Then we went back to work.

It does not bear to dwell too much here on the past six months except to say that they have been the most challenging, interesting, joyful and exhausting six months we have ever known. We are excited about the year ahead, and our plans for them: about our new till system arriving, working with new suppliers, growing our own herbs, whisk(e)y dinners commencing (along with the opportunity for Michael to wear his skirt kilt), continuing our Saturday beer tastings, our Irish Coffee series, new menu items, finally getting wasabi peanuts back behind the bar, and hopefully Dublin City Council seeing fit to continue supplying us with water. We are also determined to blog about it, so expect cameo appearances here by the other two thirds of team Mulligans, Michael and Colin, and possibly other Mulligers and Mulligettes.

It’s going to be a big year, we can’t wait.


  1. well it's been a fantastic addition to the delights of Stoneybatter. A proper pub with proper grub and proper drink. Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. You shall be seeing plenty of me. The girls that were in with me Sat were thoroughly impressed and have already recommended ye to lots of others! Watch out for a stream of Canadians/Americans through the place :)

  3. Thanks Rhetorician. Hopefully we'll start to see more pubs supporting local beer this year.

    Sarah, glad you enjoyed it! Colin'll be using the North American presence to expand his range of hoppy pale ales!