Whiskey of the Week: The Irishman 70

The company behind this whiskey are more famous for their pre packaged "just add hot water" Irish Coffee mix "The Hot Irishman". They have always bottled a whiskey but didn't get it just right a few years ago. At one point they proclaimed their whiskey had smokey notes: it didn't. It inevitably became the butt of many jokes. 

However a brand overhaul, and a better whiskey selection process have resulted in this cracking little pot still blend whiskey. Admittedly it still sounds a bit 'blarney', and a bit confusing with the "70": it is not 70 years old! What the 70 denotes a malt whiskey content of 70% from a distillery in the North, which means the pot still content is 30%, which comes from a distillery in Co. Cork. The big-wigs down there won't allow their name to be mentioned in connection with this whiskey (more fool them!)

Anyhow, its a cracking number, with lots of vanilla present, a little peppery spice is evident too, with a lovely toasted almond finish. Enjoy at €4.50 a measure!

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