Beer of the Week: Molly's Chocolate Stout

Beer has lovely big groupings when it comes to style, this is ale, that is a lager, that yoke over there is a stout. My favourite beers are the ones that throw caution to the wind and create flavours and textures that can’t easily be categorized, and refuse to be to conform.

In my mind Molly’s Chocolate Stout is one of those. Firstly, it is not sweet, the chocolate in the name comes from the type of malt that is used in its production, unsurprisingly titled ‘chocolate malt’. Molly’s has a bitter dry finish reminiscent of Lindt's 70% chocolate, but in a much more luxurious, stylish and silky way. The clever lads and lassies at Hilden Brewery add cocoa powder at the end of the brewing process which gently imparts its nuances to this creamy tipple. Molly’s on draught has a lovely puff of chocolate on the nose and a creamy body ably assisted by nitrogen, which, in this case ameliorates the stout’s appeal.

The nitrogen bolsters the cocoa in Molly’s but not to the point of sweetness, it leaves a memory of confectionary eaten and enjoyed, without the nausea often experienced from such indulgence. You can still enjoy the hints of coffee and bittersweet dryness that is expected (and frequently missing) from dry Irish stouts, and Mollys entices you back with her moreish nature.

Would Molly be proud of this beer? Who knows! Molly is a dog, and does not drink. For shame…

Molly's Chocolate Stout
Brewed by Eoin at Hilden Brewery, just outside Lisburn, N. Ireland.
ABV: 4.3%
Pint: €4.50

Posted by Colin on 3rd February.

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  1. A lovely beer indeed and beautifully described here!