New email addresses

The excitement is palpable here at L. Mulligan. Grocer., with the advent of our:
New Email Addresses.
There are impromptue jigs of glee, there are joyful outbursts of speaking in tongues, and the bottle of Glendronach 30 is nearly drained with the repeated toasting of the event. It is what our lovely customer Catherine likes to call 'A Banner Day'.

From this day forth, there shall be no more three-person managed gmail account, whereby correspondents were left bewildered as to which of the three of they were in communication with, a literary device which enabled each of us on occasion to claim complete ignorance of any number of exchanges.

To book in with us, you can now reach Dan on table (at) lmulligangrocer (dot) com.

To write us a poem, tell us a story, or any other reason you might have to want to contact us, you can contact us hello (at) lmulligangrocer (dot) com.

All credit mut go to the wonderful Dave from Give a Damn Design who freed us from the shackles of generic electronic mail. A banner day indeed.

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