We are two.

Sometimes, it seems a lifetime ago that myself, Michael and Colin first crossed the weather-worn threshold of L. Mulligan. Grocer. Gazing around at the tattered upholstery, questionable wiring and grime encrusted walls, we steeled ourselves for the mammoth clean-up ahead.

Mulligan's as we found it.
We could not, that first day, lungs filled with dust, and air full of chatter about what we might do, have predicted the monomythic journey we were embarking upon. It has been quite the two years: a joyous flurry of wasabi nuts, craft beer, casked ales, whiskey tastings, table quizzes, Scotch eggs, beer garden construction, beetroot coleslaw, Irish coffees, marriages, grocers' aprons, scrabble tiles and cucumber with everything.

The old bar.
Thank you for sticking with us through it all... the backward migrating curtain, the kitchen expansion, dodgy facial hair, the pubs premature spell of the terrible twos and associated fuse-blowing, roof leaks and general malaise and the short-lived bangers and mash Monday phase. Thanks for believing that a place like us can exist, which celebrates and believes in craft beer, awesome whisk(e)ys and food made with love. We are proud to be part of Stoneybatter, and proud to be continuing a tradition of plying thirst-quenching libations and tasty victuals in Mulligan's.

Celebratory dram
We Mulligers are partial to  bunting, we love cake and are rarely seperated from our jaunty hats, so this Saturday we will be celebrating by wearing our finest bonnets (Aurelien's will predictably be a beret!), Stewart will be hanging polka dotted bunting and Laghlan will be making lovely cake and black pudding sausage rolls using Sir Jack's black pudding. Our staff will be choosing their favourite whisk(e)ys to sell for a fiver, and we will have €4 pints of craft beer all day Saturday. We would love if you would don your favourite headgear, and come raise a dram, a glass of craft beer or a slice of cake and celebrate with us.  

Saturday 30th June 2012 7pm onward 
Cake, Bunting, Black Pudding Sausage Rolls, Fun Hats 


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