In order to raise funds and awareness for the fight against Prostate Cancer, on 31st October, we shaved our faces clean (a traumatic experience for some who were quite fond of their beardiness). We then waited...and waited, anxiously anticipating the first blooms of moustachioed autumnal stylings, some of us planning walrus tusk-like growth, others a more elegant Dali-esque effort. The first few days took some resilience with November throwing its wintery best at us, and previously bearded faces facing the elements. Hardily we persevered, losing some of the less hirsute Mulligers on the way, and several of us are now the proud owners of moustaches a 1970s porn star would be proud to call their own.

For anyone wishing to donate to the L Mulligan Grocer Mo'vember fund can do it in one (or all!)of three ways:

1. In a most organized fashion we have joined the Movember website and have a proper donate button for your contributing pleasure. The donation can be as large or as little as you desire, and can be done anonymously if that’s what you wish.

2. Secondly, we have provided away for you to drink some tasty wine whilst also passing the hat. In association with Shane Murphy from La Rousse Foods (and Stoneybatter!) we are donating €2 a bottle from each bottle of Mo Monastrell 2009 during November.

Monastrell is the main grape variety of Alicante and Jumilla in Southern Spain, it is also known as Mourvedre in France where it is one of the main components of Chateauneuf du pape and Bandol, so it makes fairly big, hearty wines. This is a big, juicy red with red cherry with fresh clean fruit notes of raspberry and black pepper. It is €6 a glass and €25 a bottle.

3. Finally, rounding out our bushy upperlipped season, is our monthly table quiz at 8.30pm-ish this Sunday where I hope (and fear) I will see many a moustache mouth utter expletives at our ticklingly tricky questions. As is normal at the LMG quiz nights, we offer people the opportunity to donate some cash to a charity. Normally the winning team gets to choose the recipient of everyones' generosity, but on this occasion we must insist that it goes to the Mo’vember cause and the Irish Cancer Society. Further, LMG will match the amount collected on the night and add that to the total donation. Huzzah!

Alternatively, you could just come down, look at our impressive moustaches (an endangered species) and point, just don’t laugh.

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