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Organic Black Pudding, rhubarb relish,
mixed seasonal leaves €5
Recommended Beer: Steep Trail Amber Ale
Recommended Whiskey: Locke’s 8

Potted Crab, sourdough soldiers €7
Recommended beer: Schneider Kristall Weissen
Recommended Whiskey: Scapa 16

Sweet potato and chilli soup, house-made brown bread €5
Recommended Beer: O’Hara’s IPA
Recommended Whiskey: Singleton of Dufftown 12

Mussels, chilli and cider broth, sourdough €7.50
Recommended beer: Hoegaarden
Recommended Whiskey: Locke’s Blend

Scotch egg: free-range egg, rare-breed pork & herby crumbs, Dijon Mayo, ’Mulligaloe’ relish €5
Recommended beer: Galway Hooker
Recommended Whisky: Glen Elgin 16

Smoked bacon, macadamia and ham hock terrine; ‘Mulligaloe’ relish, red chard €6.50
Recommended Beer: 5am Saint Amber Ale
Recommended Whiskey: Benromach 10

Vegetarian Scotch egg: free-range egg, Mossfield Organic Gouda, Mustardy Leeks, Dijon Mayo, ‘Mulligaloe’ relish, mixed leaves €5
Recommended beer: Metalman Pale Ale
Recommended whiskey: Jameson 12

Chickpea and Spinach Stew, cayenne & scallion potato rosti, natural yoghurt €12.50
Recommended beer: Galway Hooker
Recommended whiskey: Greenore 8

10 oz. Rib-eye steak, Connemara whiskey butter, Portobello mushroom, wilted spinach, twice
cooked chips €21.00
Recommended Beer: Sunburnt Irish red ale
Recommended Whiskey: Connemara Single Malt

Beer battered whiting, twice cooked chips, crème fraiche mushy peas, tartare, pickled onion €14
Recommended beer: Früh Kolsch
Recommended whiskey: Tullamore 12

Bangers and Mash, O’Haras Stout Onion Gravy and onion rings, TJ Crowes free range sausages

Jack McCarthy’s free range black puddings sausages, Heaven and Earth mash(Apple mash) €13.00
Recommended Beer: Brooklyn Lager
Recommended Whisky: Tyrconnell Single Malt

Organic Gammon Steak, Duck egg, Grilled Pineapple Ring, Parsley Sauce, twice cooked chips €15
Recommended Beer: Brooklyn Lager
Recommended Whiskey: Glen Garioch Founders Reserve

Lamb Burger: Ardsallagh Goats’ Cheese, Bacon, Beetroot Coleslaw, ‘Paris Bakery’ Rosemary & Tomato Bun, ‘Mulligaloe’ Relish, Twice Cooked Chips €15.00
Recommended Beer: Howling Gale
Recommended Whisky: Glendronach Muscatel Finish

Moules Frites: mussels, chilli & cider broth, cone of twice cooked chips, Hoegaarden mayonnaise €15
Recommended Beer: Hoegaarden
Recommended Whiskey: Locke’s Blend

Black Pudding stuffed Supreme of free-range Chicken Breast, garlic Derrycamma rapeseed oil mash, spinach, mushroom ragout €16.00
Recommended Beer: Trouble Ór
Recommended Whiskey: Inishowen

Side dishes: twice cooked chips; €3.50 buttered greens, beetroot coleslaw, leaf salad €3 each

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